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Allaboutmusic.gr #Layar layer from Synthetic Toys!

The All About Music Portal is a collection of interesting spots for the music professional and enthusiast in Greece, including listings of Recordings/Rehearsal Studios, Live Stages, Music companies, Music-related Spots, Shops & Schools.

Synthetic Toys has created, on behalf of All About Music a layer for Layar’s AR browser, enabling users to locate the aforementioned points of interest using their mobile phone. The layer is named ‘All About Music’ and is viewable in Greece. Music enthusiasts can now point their phones, locate studios, shops and music related spots nearby, find their way there, link to their websites and call to book that rehearsal this afternoon.

All about Music Layar layer screenshots

All About Music said:

This application really transforms the service we provide to our audience. Now all the information for the musician is available literally at their fingertips! This is great times for augmented reality applications. Think of musician’s city tours. Think of music points of interest. We at All About Music are thankful to Synthetic Toys and Layar for opening all these new perspectives.”

Synthetic Toys said:
For us it was a prime opportunity, to create a layer of Layar’s AR browser, addressed to an audience that is very much connected to modern technology, and can put it into use. We have been involved with AR research for quite some time and for us to build this layer was very rewarding. Layar’s support was excellent through the process. Moreover, it is a pleasure to support with such a feature the effort of our friends at All About Music, in what is one of the very few layers for Greece!

If you come to Greece and want to check which bands play around tonight and find your way there, be sure to check All About Music for Layar, by Synthetic Toys.