Total Immersion CEO on AR

Bruno Uzzan, CEO and Co-Founder of Total Immersion, speaks about the past, present and future of Total Immersion during his keynote at AR Immersion 2010, November 9, Los Angeles, CA. (Source – T.Immersion blog here)

Interesting points in our humble opinion are:

  1. The ‘cuckoo’ talk looks cool and dare I say kinda funny (Video1- 3:12)
  2. Mentioning crudely the impact CPUs (and dare we say GPUs) and 3D GFX APIs have on modern AR
  3. The need for camera vision for modern mobile AR
  4. That the quality of graphics affects immersion (ok, it is kind of implied)
  5. Wireless baud rates
  6. Smartphone worldwide usage and projections

We feel points 2,3 and 4 are of paramount importance of the current shape of handheld AR. In fact the quality of graphics and the effect this has on the sense of presence of the users has been a key part of our past research.

For more videos from AR Immersion, visit Total Immersion’s AR Immersion 2010 YouTube Channel.