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How about Programming in Windows Mobile 7

Development, development … oh and don’t forget development. On one hand you have the massive application development for Apple devices, on the other hand the rapidly increasing Android community. It seems I am missing something though …

Oh yes, Windows mobility … Strange it slipped my mind. I can remember Windows Mobile since forever … mmm … maybe 2003. A colleague back then had bought a Motorola cell with Windows running on it ! It looked nothing like the slim fancy devices that we see on the market now but it surely was the subject of the week.

Windows mobile have come a long way since then (version 7 was introduced recently), and yet the OS is not “fashionable” or “trendy” any more. And it is not like you cannot find any tools to develop “stuff”. Visual Studio Express is free to download and use & the Silverlight and XNA 2D frameworks are well supported.

Above all a great gift from the Windows Phone 7 team at Microsoft to the programming community came out: A free e-Book of 1000 Pages. You can download it using the following link:

It seems that the battle of mobility is not going to end. And when it comes to subjects like AR and mobile devices, well, I am not sure I even want to go there. An endless battle which hopefully is going to last for many years.