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Star Wars: Falcon Gunner – Don’t get cocky!

One of the coolest (geekiest?) applications of Handheld AR is the Star Wars: Falcon Gunner, announced from Vertigore and twitted-about all over the place.

Star Wars: Falcon Gunner

Now, why we think this is so cool?

Well, for starters, this is about Star Wars. And not just any part of it but the umber-coolness of being a gunner in the Millenium Falcon. But equally as important is the fact that the game seems to be an prime example of an AR application that does not require so stringent registration to the surroundings. After all the TIE fighters come from all over the place! Not sure about the sense of depth though…

The 4th Annual Mashable Awards

Nominate your favourite company, person, site, gadget or synthetic-toy (!) in the 4th Annual Mashable Awards.

On a more important not, get to see what other people are using these days through their ‘tech’ activities!

Jack Benoff on the practicality of moble AR

Some good points on the practicality of mobile AR from Jack Bennof. Got the article here. One of the things that intrigue me with current mobile AR – particularly commercial endeavors – is how the deal with intrinsic issues related to AR, such as registration, depth of view and if HMDs are used ocular and non-ocular symptoms from their use.

Will come back into those in the future here or on Synthetic-toys.

Google Goggles on iPhone

Google Goggles are available for iPhone, after Android. Using your smartphone’s camera you can ‘detect’ landmarks and get information about them. Any form of ‘target-less’ traking and landmark detection is imho towards the right way.

Check here…