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Total Immersion CEO on AR

Bruno Uzzan, CEO and Co-Founder of Total Immersion, speaks about the past, present and future of Total Immersion during his keynote at AR Immersion 2010, November 9, Los Angeles, CA. (Source – T.Immersion blog here) Interesting points in our humble opinion are: The ‘cuckoo’ talk looks cool and dare I say kinda funny (Video1- 3:12) […]

Kinect adventures

Kinect, the much awaited ‘controller-free gaming device’ has been very popular the last few days through the blogsphere and twitter (Wikipedia entry here). The offspring of Project Natal has been hacked by UC Davis visualization researcher Oliver Kreylos, using open-source drivers by Hector Martin. The same NUI group that hacked the PlayStation Eye in 2008 […]

Vuzix see-through goggles

Technology Review mentions today the new Vuzix Wrap920AR Goggles today, in the midst of current AR popularity. The Wrap920AR is equipped with two video cameras that ‘see’ the front of what the wearer sees and project it on two LCD video displays, resembling what is allegedly a 67-inch video display at ten feet. The have […]

Star Wars: Falcon Gunner – Don’t get cocky!

One of the coolest (geekiest?) applications of Handheld AR is the Star Wars: Falcon Gunner, announced from Vertigore and twitted-about all over the place. Star Wars: Falcon Gunner Now, why we think this is so cool? Well, for starters, this is about Star Wars. And not just any part of it but the umber-coolness of […]

The 4th Annual Mashable Awards

Nominate your favourite company, person, site, gadget or synthetic-toy (!) in the 4th Annual Mashable Awards. http://mashable.com/awards/categories On a more important not, get to see what other people are using these days through their ‘tech’ activities!